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A man murdered and dismembered his girlfriend and run away with her head and arms

Back in October 2018, at approximately 4 in the morning, a man named Kedir Shiferaw (also known as Anatoli Kiros) killed his girlfriend, dismembered and decapitated her then fled the scene. The district attorney informed the 20th crime category hearing of the Lideta Federal high

court that the crime was committed in a house located in Bole Kifle Ketema (district), Wereda 14 in the area commonly known as Gerji Wefcho Bet.

As the district attorney explained, the suspect headed with the victim Rahel Asmelash to

the house he had rented to spend the night with her. After they arrived, the suspect decapitated her head while also dismembering her arms starting from her shoulders, both her legs starting from her hips and separating them from the rest of her body using two knives. The suspect then proceeded to put her limbs in different kurtu plastic bags (big yellow plastic bags) and wrapping them in a potato sac to finally put them in a black suitcase. He then put her head and hands in the same black bag. He took a cab and headed to Akaki Kality Kifle Ketema (District) Wereda 9, behind the area commonly known as Addis Ababa Science and Technology University and dumped her dismembered body, keeping her head and hands to himself.

The district attorney also stated that the parts that were thrown away were found thanks to the collaboration of the people from the neighborhood. The suspect fled with the head and arms of the victim and spent some time in hiding. He was caught after a  tireless man hunt.

Taking into account his cruelty, the illegality of his act and the fact that he poses an extreme danger, the district attorney stated to the court that he had filled charges against the suspect.

On June 3rd 2019, the suspect appeared in court where he was read all the charges the district attorney had presented against him. However he denied committing the crime and pleaded not-guilty. Since the suspect didn’t admit to the murder, the judge adjourned the case and required for the district attorney to present witnesses and additional evidence.

Translaion by Yemariam Sisay

Edited by Michaelson

Art by Betremariam Tebebe

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